Posted by Emily Lee on

now i dont really believe in the whole "new year new me" thing but i feel like 2017 has to be the year where people realize positivity has to trump the negative. haha saw my pun? okay anyways use this year to spread love, apologize to whoever you have a slight grudge against, and learn to love yourself.

i want to use this year to create amazing content for you all and inspire. i decided to make merch so you all can look fresh but then i realized i could also blog on here and thats kinda lit

i wanted a place where i could share my thoughts but also inspire and help people. so even though this is my first post on here i hope this can be a place you go if youre feeling down :) i chose the name never cloudy because many people associate being sad with rainy days and i just want everybody to be happy.

hope you guys enjoy this new journey 

love you guys